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"Love yourself the most and surround yourself with those who support that energy"



The goal of the DK Yoga Experience is to encourage you to present your unfiltered self. Speak your truth, be brave and bold enough to ask the universe for what you want for your life.DK Yoga is about your personal journey to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If your BMI does not match what your doctor says but you are happy with where you are; so are we.  Our goal is for you to connect your mind and body in a way that provides positivity within your life and to inspire you to share that energy with the world. If you lose a few inches while on that journey, that’s good too.

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Yoga Classes and Descriptions

Tue/Thur Mornings

7a PST/10a EST

One hour

Bikram sequence session 

All levels

Tue/Thurs Evening


One hour

Stress Relief and Restoration

All Levels

Friday Mornings
6a PST/9a EST

One hour

Yoga Fit

All levels

1st & 3rd Saturdays
8a PST/11a EST
2nd & 4th
7aPST/10a EST

One hour

Healing Flow

All Levels

My Journey to Yoga


I've been angry. Completely engulfed in rage and filled with emptiness. Searching for someone to hear me, not just with their ears. To hold me, not with just their arms. A safe place (even if for only a moment) for me! 


I have always been lost, a ship with no shore to call my own. My pain and loneliness allowed me to cause pain in others. Vengeance has become a way to make us think we can become whole. Not understanding the vengeance is only a reflection.


Vengeance is easy! I choose peace. I choose happiness. I choose Love!


What do you have if you don’t have love. Love is the only thing that can make a weak person strong and a powerful person understand. I thought I knew but I don’t for sure!  What I understand, is that I have control over my choices. Those choices dictate my wellbeing in every way. 


Yoga has helped me realize that the answers are within me. Helped me understand that I can’t be happy until I free myself from the pain and guilt that I harbor in my heart. To not allow them to take up valuable space, emitting poisons into my system; clouding my thoughts and intentions. Causing me to not be able to properly love; continuing the cycle. Why? Am I too afraid to admit I am vulnerable?. In a room filled with people or alone, the practice of Yoga has taught me how to concentrate on myself. The Practice of Yoga allows me to travel my mind, become aware of my body and my energy. The more I concentrate to listen and feel, the more aware I become.  The practice of Yoga has given me freedom, acknowledgement, loyalty, and the love I’ve always searched for from another person. Yoga has helped me to to connect to the love that has always been within.

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