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After years of my children consistently being treated as the other in multiple public and private schools. I finally got up the nerve to do what I have always wanted to do; Homeschooling of my children. In March of 2019, we created Henneptious Academy. Henneptious Academy, is recognized by the California Department of Education as a Private School serving children from grades 6-12.


Henneptious Academy’s Philosophy on Educating Children:

We believe that children learn best while engaged in activities that interest them by having the opportunity, time and sense of freedom to experience the world around them. I believe that the adults in their lives should operate out of LOVE and provide a safe and continuous environment.  Supporting and encouraging them to think of themselves as unique individuals that have a voice, choice and agency. We believe in fact based teaching and providing developmentally appropriate explanations to the vast questions of young minds. We believe in a Culturally Relevant and Reality pedagogies. Inclusive curriculum that highlights and celebrates all cultures. We believe in supporting exploration, discovery and a love for the adventure of learning. Through encouraging them to speak up, ask questions, and share their feelings. We believe children should be encouraged to dream but never intentionally misguided. They should know everyone makes mistakes; that perfection is not always achievable. They should be taught that they can’t have everything they want but that they can have anything they work hard for and to know the difference between the two. We believe in focusing on common sense, manners, etiquette, courtesy, respect for others and the appreciation of all life. Our goal is to support our students to take the lead and become a partner in their educational goal. We aim to have our graduates leave with the life skills and experiences to go one to the college of their choice or begin their own productive business. 

Hard Work =Possibilities

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To reach our goals we follow the works of:

Claude McKay

Zora Neale Hurston

Mary McLeod Bethune

Langston Hughes

Marcus Garvey

John Henrik Clarke

Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Raymond Winbush

Nathan Hare

Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Christopher Emdin

Bettina Love

Gloria Ladson Billings  

Gholdy Muhammad

About the name: A god gave his two sons Hettar and Hennep (translated to Knowledge and Understanding) a universe to share. The two sons decided to share the universe until Wisdom (a ISIS like goddess) caught both of their eyes. However, Wisdom chose Understanding and their union created seven Sons.  These Sons were born with unknown powers yet the gentle nature of a Silverback Gorilla. Knowledge could not take the rejection and his anger turned him into a different being. Knowledge began to introduce death and destruction into the universe. Over the next one hundred-million-years, each brother grew distant and created armies in their likeness. Sadly, the two armies went to war. A misplaced thunderbolt hit planet earth killing everything on it. After the war, neither brother could declare victory.  Understanding wanted to repair earth. However, he was too powerful to be on earth himself. So, he asked Wisdom to send a Son to provide the energy earth needed to survive. The Son’s mission was to show mankind a positive way of life and brotherhood. The first Son came near earth and it started to live again. When he got closer, earth became too hot.  He decided to remain in the universe for over watch. Wisdom figured out that she could not send a Son in his physical form. To not destroy earth, the Son would have to begin life born as a male or female child. That would grow to become a protector of life on earth.  Because of their immense powers, only one Son could be on earth at a time in 2000 year periods. In their absences, the world would be lost to the evil ways of Knowledge. To spite his brother, Knowledge sent his Army to earth to corrupt man, promote creations that went out of control, greed, hate and to hunt down the Sons and kill them one at a time. Wisdom and Understanding realized that if the seventh Son were killed, earth would be lost forever.  They decided to call on the best of their Armies to select a protector.  Over time, one warrior proved to be calm, patient, powerful and extremely dangerous, when necessary. The warrior’s name is Henneptious. After the 5th son was killed in freedom battle of 1791, Henneptious' sole mission became protecting the 6th Son on earth.  Henneptious on earth would have to find the Son as a child to guide and educate them in the ways of the universe.  Teaching them that all life is valuable and everything is connected. His job is to protect them from any and all that would bring them harm. Only using force as a last option. General Henneptious sits at the head of our Academy for those reasons.


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