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Is an all-male, two week “Stay Away" (overnight) camp located in the beautiful city of Morgan Hill California.  The Academy limits it's enrollment to ensure that our Campers get small group instruction. The 2021 camping session is limited to 6 males age 12-15.  The camp is designed after Paris Island's Marine Corp boot camp. While there is no physical contact, the campers are verbally motivated to push their limits. To encourage breakthroughs in what they may or may not believe is possible. 

Campers will participate in:


  • Daily Yoga sessions to encourage self-regulation, mental and physical awareness.   

  • Engage in critical thinking, exercise and objections.  

  • Group cooperation to overcome several obstacles.   

  • Various roles of teamwork.  

  • How to survive an encounter with law enforcement . 

  • How the 5th amendment is applied. 

  • CPR and First Aid classes from certified trainer. Having the opportunity to leave camp with a certificate in CPR and First Aid from the American Red Cross.

  • Farm life-cycle elements; meaning they will pick eggs from chicken’s nest and if they choose to; process chicken and rabbits for consumption.  


Living arrangements:


  • Campers will sleep in supplied housing. Each camper will have their own twin size bed.  

  • Campers will share one bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and urinal. 

  •  Hygiene will be constantly promoted and all campers will shower daily. 


Clothing and gear:


  • Campers will wear a daily uniform colors which Camper will provide.  Information on gear and clothing will be given after registration. 



  • All our camping staff have gone through a state and DOJ criminal Background check.  


Rules and regulations:

  • Will be given upon registration.

  • No camper will be forced to comply with rules and regulations. However, all violators will be promptly expelled from the program with no refund and at their expense for travel arrangements. 


The location: 

 Is set on 6 acres of fenced in beautiful suburban landscape. We are located less than one mile from the local fire Department and 6 miles from the nearest hospital. We are surrounded by community homes, stores and restaurants. There are several lakes, parks and hiking trails which the campers will come to know well. 

Cost and fees:

The cost for two weeks with all meals and activities included is $1,000.00 per camper. Scholarships are considered case by case . 


Please email for application (s)

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